Meet the Creator

Elaine LooYL is the Founder & Creator behind UNDRΛRT. Elaine had been passionate about Arts since young. With the experiences and inspirations that she had collected throughout the years, Elaine started her own journey --- UNDRΛRT.

After graduating from R.E.A.L Schools Education (SSS) & First City University College, Elaine worked in different art galleries in 2016-2018. She helped both local & overseas artists plan art exhibitions and arrange artworks while learning directly from well-known fine artists. Having hands-on product designing skills, she started experimenting with resin in 2019. After countless experiments and discovering endless possibilities of art and resin, Elaine set up a workspace and started UNDRΛRT.

UNDRΛRT: A brand that revolves around natural phenomena of the world.
Undr: Undr is being pronounced as Un-der, but named without the 'E,' is to express that the brand performs well with The Creator, Elaine working behind it, for the brand to shine.

__________ Elaine, 刘


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