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How do I purchase works from UNDRΛRT?

UNDRΛRT accepts payments through Paypal, credit/debit card & online banking through Senangpay gateway and online & offline transfer/bank in (Kindly direct message @undrartmy on Instagram for online transfer/bank in requests)

What's the material?

UNDRΛRT's current main medium is Resin. Resin is similar to glass, it's clear and reflective, except glass breaks easily and resin doesn't break easily unless the base (wood/bamboo) breaks. 

How long does it take to create a piece?

It takes time and effort to create every piece. UNDRΛRT's works takes at least 2 days to a week (sometimes to 1 month for specific pieces) to complete. It takes at least half a day for each layer of resin work and some works take multiple layers of resin to complete. Resin itself takes around 24 hours to cure, and 72 hours to fully cure before shipping. 

How's the packaging?

All works from UNDRΛRT are well-packaged and ideal as a gift whether it's for yourself or your loved ones. UNDRΛRT is more than happy in helping to write short greeting notes, kindly state your greetings in the checkout remark!

Can I request for separate packaging -  Yes, you can request for separate packaging if needed, remember to state your preferred items for packaging in the checkout remark!

If you want to know more about the packaging, kindly head to Packaging to view the packaging process.

Product care? 

Most UNDRΛRT's works are not food-safe (unless stated so). For safety purposes, do not place food directly on top of the product.

- Resin pieces clean is very simple: just treat it like glass. Use a gentle glass cleaner and a soft cloth and polish as you would glass. 

- Wood works are treated with non-combustible and odorless SKYDD wood treatment oil. While Bamboo works can be rinsed with water; ensure to twel/ air dry afterwards.

- Jewelry care, to prolong the lefespan of the jewelry, store them in a ziplock bag and get silica gel packets to reduce the amount of exposure to oxygen and moisture.

Are you open for commission works?

UNDRΛRT is currently open for commission works/pieces, kindly contact @undrartmy via DM or undrartmy@gmail.com