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Ocean Cube - The Diver

RM 90.00

The Ocean Cube paperweights collection is finely handcrafted, polished, and perfectly finished. Each cube is unique, exact repetition is impossible. Handcrafted and made by the founder and creator Elaine Loo from UNDRART. Each Ocean Cube comes with its customized paulownia wooden cube, engraved with UNDRART's logo. Making sure each cube is well packaged and perfect for housewarming gifts, a step up on the interior for special occasions, months, or any typical day. 

Each set comes with a greeting card from UNDRART.


Ocean cube - The Diver: Get a 360° clear look at The Diver; Ocean cubes are used as paperweights. 

Paulownia wooden cube: 9.5x9.5x9.5cm

Ocean cube: Approx. 5x5x5cm

Free requests before checking out from UNDRART:-
- Send a message to your loved ones, UNDRART will help you to print your message out on our greeting card.