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UNDRART theme necklaces

RM 40.00

UNDRART's theme necklaces are poured carefully with every drop of resin to perfect the final outcome of the necklace. Each necklace is one of a kind, exact repetition is impossible. All handcrafted and made by the founder and creator Elaine Loo from UNDRART.

Measurements: Approx. 3cm

Each necklace comes with a greeting card from UNDRART.


The Scenery - Take a closer look, with the clouds in the sky, the grass and the soil makes up an ordinary yet wonderful scenery. 

The Ocean - Waves on the dark blue sea, Let's go! The adventure awaits!!

The Island - Stepping on the sand, while watching the tides go.

Free requests before checking out from UNDRART:-
- Send a message to your loved ones, UNDRART will help you to print your message out on our greeting card.